Phase 4 Construction Continues

As Phase 4A construction progresses, Phase 4B construction begins to take shape. Upon completion Phase 4 will house: 

  • Nine chillers producing 4,750 tons of cooling
  • 48 pumps providing 1,500 HP and 45,000 gallons per minute
  • 30,000 feet of carbon steel pipe in mechanical room and distribution
  • 36,000 feet of irrigation drainage lines
  • 38,000 feet of main irrigation lines 
  • 450,000 feet of drip irrigation tubing


The view from the outside of Phase 4a. The walls are completed just in time for our east coast winter season.

Nov 30a

The pre-work for the concrete deck is ready to receive the cement. This concrete deck will support all pumps from our nine chillers located on the floor below.

Nov 30b

This floor will also house a full selection of spare parts for our mechanical and grow room to minimize our down time during construction.

Nov 30c

Our existing mechanical room has been covered to retain heat while the new concrete floor is poured. On the right, a wide corridor will serve as a path toward our existing building. A connecting pathway will be built between buildings to increase efficiency and shorten the distance of travel between buildings.


We have finished the structure of Phase 4A and are now building a wall to hold the heat inside Phase 4A while we erect the steal structure for Phase 4B.


The foundation work or Phase 4B is completed. We will begin erecting the metal structure in early January. This will house an extra 31 grow rooms.

Dec 20b

Our fully customized irrigation system is starting to take shape in our Phase 4A grow rooms. Once operational, this system will be among the most sophisticated indoor cannabis cultivation irrigation systems in North America.The system includes condensation recovery and a one-of-a-kind reverse osmosis system. 


Our teams have installed most of the electrical and control infrastructure for Phase 4 grow rooms. The mechanical piping will service our grow room air handlers to assist with environment control. 


Chillers are on site and will be producing more then 5,000 tonnes of cooling once the system is fully operational. An army of plumbers will be installing more than 30,000 feet of carbon steel pipe to link everything together. A total of 48 pumps will be pumping roughly 45,000 gallons per minute. 


Our custom air chillers use advanced cooling technologies; we have added a wrap-around coil to add 10% more dehumidification capacity without any additional operational cost.

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