Our Facility

Organigram’s indoor production facility is located on a 14-acre campus in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The facility has current licensed target production capacity of 70,000 kg per yearand includes its own edibles and derivative facility as well as in-house extraction capacity. 

1 Target production capacity once fully operational. Several factors can cause actual capacity to differ from estimates. See "Risk Factors" in the company's latest MD&A.

Three-tiered Cultivation Technology

Maximizing high-quality indoor production at low costs

The facility uses an innovative, indoor three-tier growing system which maximizes square footage.

Design and automation improvements include an ergonomically-friendly grow room design, automatic potting, pre-roll and packaging machines, and larger propagation rooms with advanced environmental systems.


Every element of production is tracked on a proprietary in-house software system called OrganiGrow. Inputs, including soil, nutrients and water, and environmental conditions like wind, light, humidity and temperature are paired against yield and lab results, allowing staff to analyze data and determine which products and practices are most effective for optimal plant growth. Staff have come to know the plants in Organigram's genetic library well and understand that every cultivar has unique environmental needs; historical data is used to create tailored micro-climates best-suited for specific genetics.

Over 1,000 data points are tracked during production. Plant and production elements tracked include:

  • Plant height and growth rates
  • Inputs including nutrients, PH of water, coco coir/soil, biologicals, etc
  • Cannabinoid development
  • Weight control
  • Quality standards, including potting compaction, trim quality and microbial levels