Top Flower.

In the cannabis world, no part of the plant is more valuable than the top flower. Top flowers aren’t just the biggest flowers on the plant, they’re more lush and dense than flower from lower parts of the plant. When Edison flowers are ready for harvest, they’re clipped from the plant and handled with the utmost care. Both figuratively and literally, Edison top flowers represent the pinnacle of cannabis production.



Edison flowers are individually Hand-Manicured, a process during which our technicians personally inspect, handle and tailor each one to remove as much stem and leaf, while retaining as many trichomes as possible. Hand-Manicured flowers aren’t just better-looking, they represent the highest quality whole-flower cannabis we can produce from our facility. While the process is more time-consuming and labour intensive, the benefits to our patients are worth the effort.


Craft Cured.

Intentionally aging with patience and respect for the plant’s evolutionary process results in cannabis that’s more complex and complete. Edison flowers are cured in small batches, using the optimal temperature and humidity and allowed to breathe longer, resulting in greater chlorophyll breakdown and a distinct, alluring flavour and aroma. Craft curing ensures Edison flowers reach their fullest potential and delivers a second-to-none cannabis experience for our patients.




















Introducing: The Edison Project by Organigram

Just like you, we continually strive to become better. 

From our day-to-day processes to the production of our plants, around here, we don’t stop and settle at ‘good enough.’ We understand that we have not yet reached the limit of our potential. It drives us to keep going and keep growing. 

It is with this culture of growth and innovation in mind that we introduce to you: The Edison Project, whole-flower cannabis that represents our very best work to date. Edison cannabis comes to patients following years of research on the biology of cannabis, continuous improvement in production and discovering more about the potential in our plants. Every step in the Edison process - from seed to sale - was engineered with intention, resulting in the highest-quality product available for our patients.

Note: no discounts are applicable to the Edison Project. 





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