Why is cannabis trimmed before packaging?

Plants are harvested in their full form, with stems, leaves and buds intact. While leaves contain some cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.), the levels are significantly lower when compared to the trichome-packed buds at the centre, sides and top of the plant. Stem and fan leaves (with higher concentrations of chlorophyll) are trimmed away from the buds to produce a cannabinoid-rich product for consumption. 

What is industrial trimming?

In an industrial trimming process, cannabis is fed through a machine that trims excess material quickly and efficiently. Industrial trimming is a common practice in large-scale, legal cannabis production.

What are the disadvantages of industrial trimming?

Each strain flowers differently, resulting in buds that can vary both size and shape. Because trimming machines can’t detect variance among strain varieties, each bud from every plant is trimmed identically and can result in the loss of valuable trichomes and cannabinoids.

What is Hand-Manicured trimming?

When buds are Hand-Manicured, our technicians personally inspect, handle and tailor each piece of flower to remove as much stem, leaf and retain as many trichomes as possible. Our professional trimmers are well-educated on the traits of each strain and thoroughly inspect each bud.

What are the benefits of Hand-Manicured trimming?

Avoiding the industrial, large-batch trimming process, each bud gets the individual attention it deserves. Hand-Manicured buds aren’t just better-looking, they’re often times more potent, flavourful and represent the highest quality we can produce from our facility. While the process is more time-consuming and labour-intensive, the benefits to our patients are worth the effort. 


*Please note, not every strain of Organigram's medical cannabis is Hand-Manicured. Look for the Hand-Manicured symbol in the information section listed for each strain.

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