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Different products are good for different reasons. We’ve shared some client insights below to help outline some of those reasons. And hey… if you have questions like “What’s the difference between Indica and Sativa?” check out our FAQ page or just give us a call.

Premium 100% Organic Product


(Critical Kush)

9.75% THC / 0.07% CBD

Clients have indicated that this strain has a calming effect. Feedback from clients is that it is very effective for pain and muscle spasms but makes you sleepy, therefore is best for evening use.

Limited Availability

Starting At $8.00/g



(Jean Guy)

16.1% THC / 0.07% CBD

Clients say this is an energizing product, that doesn’t slow them down. Most clients prefer this strain for daytime use.


Starting At $11.00/g


We think it’s important to offer our clients options as they determine the best way to manage their health. That’s why we have added a selection of cannabis oils to our product line-up.

All about OrganiOil


We offer a variety of high quality products to suit every preference, and our registered clients receive a 25% discount.

Zeus Smite

Portable Vaporizer

A compact vaporizer that offers portability, convenience and extreme discretion.

Was $129.99


G-Pen Elite

Portable Vaporizer

Ergonomic design featuring an LED temperature control and battery life indicator.

Was $239.99



Portable Vaporizer

Aluminium construction with an intelligent heating and cooling system, the PAX 2 is both elegant and discreet.

Was $259.99



Desktop Vaporizer

The Only Vaporizer certified by health Canada for medical use. Also comes with the easy valve starter Kit.

Was $799.99


Utilian 720


Tough and portable, this unit offers 8 temperature settings and is very user friendly.

Was $219.99




The Pax 3 is a dual-use portable vaporizer with a more efficient heater and an upgraded battery. Available in gold, silver and black.

Was $359.99


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