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Patient comfort and safety are the drivers of success at Organigram. With this in mind, we’ve established Organigram’s Seven Steps of Quality Commitment, our roadmap to producing world-class medical cannabis. 

Internally, our seven steps guarantee safe products of the highest quality. Externally, our commitment to full transparency through viewable Certificate of Analysis results delivers unparalleled client comfort and confidence.

At Organigram, product quality and client safety are our only priorities.

Our Seven Steps of Quality Commitment are as follows:

1. We commit to testing every product lot for pesticides that goes far beyond our regulatory requirements; every lot is tested for over 60 different pesticides before they are made available for sale;

2. We commit to regular testing of inputs from outside suppliers before they are used; inputs include such things as seeds, growing medium, fertilizers, water, etc.;

3. We commit to extend our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) operating procedures to include periodic live plant sampling for pesticide screening;

4. We commit to following our formal program for receiving, securing and testing critical inputs on a routine basis;

5. We commit to our comprehensive screening process to pre-qualify suppliers before they are approved to do business with Organigram.

6. We commit to industry-leading closed-circuit camera coverage throughout our facility, including areas beyond our regulatory requirements.

7. We commit to our formal education and training regime for all employees, focused on safety, product quality and consistency.



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