Adult Recreational




Make no mistake, this is Shred not shake. Ground from whole-flower, retaining the best aroma and creating perhaps one of the few (if not, the only) pre-shredded whole-flower flavour.

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Holy Mountain logo

Holy Mountain

Weary tokers, welcome to Holy Mountain – a weed brand for kindred souls. Embark on a trip with us as we unleash legendary weed strains, wicked hash and oh-so much more. Smoke Forth and Ascend!

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The Trailblazer logo.


At Trailblazer we purpose-build our cannabis products with high THC and innovative minor cannabinoid formulations to help you blaze a trail towards balance and peace, on your own terms.

Big Bag O Buds Cannabis

Big Bag O' Buds

Not all flower is worthy of an ounce, unless you’re Big Bag ‘O’ Buds. We cultivate real strains from small indoor lots to give you big terps, big buds and a big bag for all the great indoors has to offer.

monjour Wellness Cannabis


At monjour, we believe that wellness is for all. Be it physical, mental, or spiritual balance you are searching for, our range of vegan and sugar-free CBD gummies provides a way to incorporate a moment of wellness in your everyday. 

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The Wola logo.


At Wola we produce recreational cannabis products exclusively for La Belle Province. High quality flower, smooth-burning pre-rolls, with large formats available and even some hash! Can you say “Wola!”?

Tremblant Hash Logo

Tremblant Cannabis

Located in Lac Superior, QC in the Laurentians, we cultivate in hybrid greenhouses and produce quality hashish with care. Our hashish is a classic reinvented. Our artisans combine traditional methods with modern science to come up with this unique recipe.

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Laurentian Cannabis

Laurentian Cannabis

Grown in a greenhouse under the sun, Laurentian Cannabis offers a selection of flowers that are hand crafted and cured to perfection in the Laurentians, QC. Our craftsmen are masters of their art. Creating a flower of superior quality designed for cannabis enthusiasts who seek an authentic experience.

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Edison Cannabis Co

Edison Cannabis Co

At the Edison Cannabis Co., we believe in the infinite potential of the cannabis plant. Through relentless exploration, we work to uncover the possibilities of data-driven, indoor-grown cannabis.

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