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In June 2020, Organigram entered into a multi-year agreement to supply dried flower to one of Israel’s largest and most established medical cannabis producers, Canndoc Ltd. (“Canndoc”), a subsidiary of InterCure Ltd. (TASE: INCR/INCR.TA).

Canndoc has been a pioneer in pharmaceutical-grade cannabis for more than 12 years. Its GMP-approved medical cannabis products are sold in pharmacies in Israel, and it holds international cultivation and distribution agreements in the European Union and Canada.

Under the terms of Organigram’s supply agreement with Canndoc (the “Agreement”), the Company will provide a guaranteed 3,000 kg of high quality, indoor-grown dried flower product to Canndoc by December 31, 2021 for processing and distribution into the Israeli medical market, and may provide an additional 3,000 kg during the same time period at Canndoc’s option, subject to certain conditions. The agreement provides for a tiered pricing scheme and the exact value will vary depending on factors such as potency and product mix.  The Agreement also contemplates, among other things, an opportunity for Organigram to launch branded medical products with Canndoc in the Israeli and EU markets, and grants exclusivity and related rights to Canndoc within the Israel market for a period of approximately 7.5 years. Activities under the Agreement are subject to compliance with all applicable laws, including receipt of all requisite approvals from Health Canada, the Israeli Ministry of Health, and any other applicable regulatory authorities.



Alpha-Cannabis Germany (ACG)


In October 2018, Organigram signed an agreement to acquire common shares representing a 25% interest (fully diluted basis) in alpha-cannabis® Pharma GmbH (ACG), located in Stadthagen, Germany.

ACG is a privately-held company strategically positioned to serve the German medical cannabis market - the largest European legalized market for medical cannabis in the world.

Organigram will provide ACG with dried cannabis flower as well as sweet leaf for conversion into extracts. The parties also entered into an agreement whereby the Company has an option to purchase pure synthetic CBD isolate from Alpha-Cannabis Germany.

The Company expects the parties will jointly submit a tender for domestic cultivation when there is an opportunity in the future.