International Business

Aligned to its vision, “To be a respected global leader in the emerging cannabis movement”, Organigram is committed to expanding its market presence by adding to its product offering and enhancing its geographical presence. This vision is enabled by strategic merger and acquisition opportunities and assessing expansion into international markets. 

Currently, Organigram has 5 international partners who are medical cannabis leaders in their geographies.

CANNDOC*: In June 2020, Organigram entered into a multi-year agreement to supply dried flower to one of Israel’s largest and most established pharmaceutical cannabis producers, Canndoc Ltd., a subsidiary of InterCure Ltd. In November 2022, the companies jointly entered into a new multi-year agreement wherein Organigram will supply up to 20,000 kg of dried flower over multiple years. 

CANNATREK*: In May 2018, Organigram entered into agreement with Cannatrek, a fully licenced and proudly Australian vertically integrated medicinal cannabis enterprise to supply medical cannabis products. Organigram currently ships Grade A Indoor, Bulk Cannabis flower to Cannatrek in Australia that is sold under Cannatrek’s brands. 

MEDCAN AUSTRALIA*: In August 2022, Organigram signed a new agreement with Medcan Australia, a front runner in the Australia Medicinal Cannabis Industry to supply high quality medical cannabis flower.   

Medcan Australia previously had an agreement with Laurentian Organic Inc. prior to Organigram's acquisition of the company.

SANITY GROUP: In May 2023, Organigram entered into a supply agreement for dried flower with the medical division of German cannabis company Sanity Group, a health and life sciences company based in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to the medical applications of cannabinoids. Under the terms of the agreement Organigram will provide high-quality, indoor-grown dried flower product to Sanity Group and grant Sanity Group strain exclusivity on certain genetics.

4C LABS: In August 2023, Organigram further expanded its global footprint by entering into a supply agreement to provide dried Medical Cannabis flower to 4C LABS, a rapidly scaling healthcare, technology, and pharmaceutical company focused on virtual prescribing, pharmaceutical distribution, and clinical development of cannabis-based products for human health in the United Kingdom. Organigram has been chosen by 4C LABS to be the preferred supplier of Medical Cannabis flower to deliver innovative new products to the UK market and expects to supply approximately 600 kilograms of high-quality, indoor-grown dried flower product within the first year.


*Activities under the Agreement are subject to compliance with all applicable laws, including receipt of all requisite approvals from Health Canada, the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency (IMCA) the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and any other applicable regulatory authorities. 

Given recent political changes in the United States, Organigram continues to monitor and develop potential U.S. entry strategies that could include THC, CBD and other minor cannabinoids, while also monitoring recreational legalization opportunities in European jurisdictions with a particular focus on German opportunities based on the size of the addressable market and recent regulatory changes.