Why Choose OrganiGram Medical Marijuana?

  • Client-Focused
    Prioritizing our clients’ needs, we combine advanced technologies and proven methods to assure a safe and regulated source of organically grown medical marijuana. Each medical marijuana delivery is discreet and secure, requiring a photo ID and signature upon arrival.

    We understand that most clients will need to try multiple strains and gauge their effectiveness at symptom relief before making the best choice. Thus, when you buy medical marijuana from OrganiGram, you will have available a wide and reliable selection of strains to choose from.

  • Fully Organic
    At OrganiGram, we use a proprietary methodology to grow organic cannabis plants as certified by Ecocert Canada. We use our own soil mix that is completely free of synthetic nutrients or pesticides. When clients buy organic cannabis from us, they can feel confident in its integrity.

  • Compassionate Pricing Program
    We like to keep things simple. Therefore, we offer an across-the-board 25% discount on our medical marijuana products for those eligible. We believe clients should be able to buy medical cannabis online at an affordable price. Learn more.

  • No Gamma Irradiation
    Our products are grown without the need for gamma irradiation, meaning our cannabis retains its therapeutic value. Our clients thus do not have to worry about any harmful side effects.