Focused on delighting consumers with trusted brands that bring insights driven and innovative products and experiences to consumers around the world, Organigram has three state-of-the-art facilities with cutting edge cultivation and production capabilities. Its flagship facility, with a massive indoor grow is located in Moncton, NB. Additionally, the Company has a highly automated and efficient edibles manufacturing site in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a greenhouse facility wherein high quality craft flower and premium hash is produced in Lac-Supérieur, Quebec.


Moncton, New Brunswick

Organigram has an indoor cultivation and production facility located on a 14-acre campus in Moncton, New Brunswick which is its primary facility. At this site there are several grow rooms, many of which use a three-level cultivation technology, which helps maximize square footage in the facility.

The Company is able to control critical facets of the growing environment in an effort to drive maximum quality and yield in the plants it produces. Its grow rooms have micro-climates and are strain-specific to ensure high-quality yields.

Organigram three tier cultivation
Organigram Lac Superieure Hand trimmed cannabis

Lac-Supérieur, Quebec

Located in the Laurentians, this greenhouse facility produces artisanal craft cannabis, a selection of flowers that are hand crafted and cured to perfection. In addition, this facility also cultivates and produces superior quality Afghan-style hashish with extreme care in hybrid greenhouses. The Company’s artisans combine traditional methods with modern science for cannabis enthusiasts who seek an authentic experience.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

This purpose built, highly automated 51,000 square foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It is a highly automated and efficient edibles manufacturing site, designed to produce nutraceutical-grade cannabis edibles, including pectin, gelatin, and sugar-free soft chews (gummies), chocolates, toffee, and caramel with novel capabilities.


This wholly owned subsidiary is designed to meet EU-GMP certification standards*.

*Not yet certified



infused gummies from Winnipeg organigram facility


Organigram has developed its own in-house proprietary information technology system called OrganiGrow, a database that tracks all grow cycles by harvest period, strain, room, environmental conditions, and other factors, which in turn allows the Company to understand and refine the optimal methods to grow cannabis plants.  It is the Company’s intention to continually improve and refine its cultivation and post-harvesting practices in an effort to achieve a competitive advantage in the space.